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There is nothing more American than a backyard CookOUT!  Hosting a CookOUT for Marriage Equality is a fun way to come together with your family, friends, and neighbors in celebration of marriage. All it takes is a few friends and a weekend afternoon.  We're serious!  It's that simple....just CookOUT for Marriage Equality  

Join in on the fun on May 17 and 18 Host a CookOUT for Marriage Equality!
Together, we can put a human face on the issue of marriage equality, and tell the stories of the many couples who deserve the freedom to marry in South Carolina.

Why Host a CookOUT?

South Carolina and the rest of the country continues to inch closer to marriage equality.  The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear oral arguments for Virginia's marriage equality case "Bostic v. Schaefer" on May 13.  This ruling could ultimately impact South Carolina so now is our chance to get involved!  Together, through sharing our stories and photos of our CookOUTs, we can show support for the same-sex couples in our state and many others across the South.

When you host a CookOUT, you will bring people together and will help put a face on this important issue - and that goes a long way in changing hearts and minds.  We will be collecting personal stories from our CookOUT hosts to share online and with media outlets across the state. You can plan your event to also be a fundraiser for SC Equality, but that isn't required for participating in this exciting effort.

Who Can Host a CookOUT?

Anybody! If you support marriage equality, hosting a CookOUT is for you!
Click here to register to host a CookOUT for Marriage Equality.


South Carolina Equality wants to thank Equality Virginia for inviting us to join them in this multi-state effort across the South!