Get Involved

Get involved and help move us closer toward a discrimination-free South Carolina.  

Use the links below to engage with other GLBT folks and allies and help move us closer toward a discrimination-free South Carolina! 

Action Alerts

South Carolina Equality has advocates representing our GLBT community wherever we are needed, from City Hall, to the Legislature, to the Governorís office; but there is power in numbers and your voice needs to be heard.  Sign up to receive our action alerts.
Your vote is your voice in politics.  Register now and speak loudly in the next election.

Find Your Legislator

South Carolina Equality works with your elected officials to enact legislation that advances civil rights of GLBT South Carolinians.  But we can't do it without stories from you that illustrate what it's like to be GLBT in South Carolina. Reach out to your legislator and tell your story.


Help to support the work of SC Equality.  You can donate here!


Volunteers play an important role in our work at South Carolina Equality.  Whether itís marching in a pride event or lending a hand in the office, your donation of time is invaluable.  Volunteer today and help us achieve equality in South Carolina.