Know Your Rights

SC Equality often receives questions from LGBT South Carolinians who ask – What can I do to protect myself and my family? We know that as both policies and attitudes continue to evolve around our state and country, it is important that you and your family know what resources are available to you in our state. That is why we have developed the Know Your Rights campaign.

Our new Know Your Rights website is here to help you understand your rights. Centered on our organization’s 5 key focus areas, our program will collect municipal, state, and federal policy information into one place – a one-stop shop for staying informed. Here you will find fact sheets, sample legal forms, and recommended questions to ask your lawyer.

At SC Equality, we know that an important part of knowing where we are headed requires understanding where we currently stand, which leads us to ask: Do you know your rights?

Section 1: Relationship Recognition and Protection

Find out what you can do to safeguard your relationship. CLICK HERE!

Section 2: Non-Discrimination Policies

Find out what you can do to stand up against discrimination. CLICK HERE!

Section 3: Safe & Just Schools

Find out what you can do to protect LGBT youth. CLICK HERE!

Section 4: Transgender Inclusion

Learn more about the rights of Transgender South Carolinians. CLICK HERE!

Section 5: Hate Crime & Violence Prevention

Learn more about laws that protect LGBT people from Violence. CLICK HERE!

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